Job Turfgrass Management

Lawn and land care technician

posted April 4, 2018
apply by April 20, 2018


Dana Designs is an innovator in the application of organic turf strategies in South County, Rhode Island. Our focus is to build soil health to support the growth of vigorous turf and surrounding plant life. We do this with the knowledge that our coastal ponds are sensitive to additional nitrates and water conservation is of upmost importance.

Lawn and Land Care Technician - position open for 2018

Technician will have knowledge of the growth pattern of turf and the ability to diagnose and react to turf stress issues. The potential candidate will posses the drive to further their education and obtain accreditation in the area of organic land care. A desire to share with the client's the strategies of soil quality improvement we use and our expectations will be paramount to their success.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience in the lawn care and turf management industry is required, as well as the ability to safely and accurately operate equipment such as spreaders, slice seeders and core aerators is required.

Wages, Salary and Benefits

Minimum hourly rate is $16/hr. Increases will be provide with NOFA Accredation, State Pesticide certification and DEM Arborist license.

Application Requirements

Please send resume to Dana Millar at and contact him at 401-486-0495


Dana K. Millar, or 401-486-0495